It’s taken two years of design and testing to perfect the WAKE, or water assisted (k)ore exercise device.  Unlike machines made of plastic and steel, WAKE has an organic, fluid feel that supports your back as you exercise.  It is covered in soft suede,  and made to feel great and look great.   WAKE takes the discomfort out of stretching and strengthening the core so that even the most diehard exercise avoiders will be able incorporate it into a daily ritual.  WAKE comes with two DVDs; WAKE with Pilates and WAKEfit which is a WAKE stretching and light exercise routine you do every day before you get out of bed.  

Many women don't exercise because they are too busy.  They see exercise as just one more in a list of chores so they don't make the time for it.  With WAKEfit you perform simple exercises in just 7 minutes before you get out of bed.  It’s your time, with no distractions.  Make it your new morning ritual! 

“When it comes to keeping fit, I think I’m like most people in that I have always had trouble sticking with a fitness regimen.  I’ve never had what you would call a disciplined approach to health and fitness,  preferring to simply do a little of this and a little of that.   But as I turned 50 I realized that keeping the level of heath I was used to was going to require more than simply doing what ‘feels good to me’.   I began a search for something I could use to make a permanent change.    

The solution turned out to be something that was right under my nose.  A germ of an idea I had from my practice, to assist people who had low back pain, turned out to be the real “Ab machine” I was searching for.  

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